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"Building a Sustainable Future, One Design at a Time."

First of all

Creative Solutions for Challenging Architectural Problems

ZM Design's portfolio includes projects from Iran and Canada that showcase exceptional problem-solving abilities in interior and exterior design, 3D modeling, and visualization.

Not to mention

Sustainable Design for a Better Future

I believe that in a time of climate change and an increasing number of natural hazards causing global alterations, we as architects have the opportunity and responsibility to design resilient systems. In order to prevent future natural crises, our design principles should not only please our aesthetic eye but should be durable and sustainable. Technological advancements are the backbones of our future buildings.

And let's not forget

Passionate about Detail-Oriented Work

ZM Design's extensive knowledge and experience in interior and exterior design, 3D modeling and visualization, coupled with excellent communication skills, ensures exceptional service to your project needs.

About me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Zahra Mohammadi, and I am an architect who is deeply committed to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness through my work. Design, technology, and art have all played a significant role in enriching my creative capabilities, and I believe that architecture should aim to solve real-world problems, rather than solely focusing on aesthetic value. Specifically, I am passionate about finding ways to address climate change and mitigate its negative effects, while still creating beautiful and functional spaces. I strongly believe that sustainable design can be both innovative and inspiring, and I am dedicated to using my skills to make a positive impact in the world. Thank you for your interest in my work, and I look forward to sharing my passion for sustainable architecture with you.

Let ZM Design bring creative solutions and sustainable design to your architectural project needs today.

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